26 Mar


26 Sep

James Last Orchestra      Wow! As a guy who was in to Maynard Ferguson and Bill Chase, I did not know there was another Famous Trumpeter across the pond from USA so amazing. …..and that trumpeter is JAMES LAST!

James Last Orchestra is quite easily searchable on YOUTUBE and you can see and hear for yourself his amazing tone, technique and high range upper register.

If you are a Maynard Fan, an Arturo Sandoval Fan, A Bill Chase Fan and yes, BUD BRISBOIS Fan, you owe it to yourself to check out James Last.

By the way, although in his 80’s, James Last is still alive and kicking!

CLICK ON James Last Orchestra to learn more.

Now, if you are a trumpet player and have always wanted to play like JAMES LAST, you better check out TRUMPETSIZZLE because that guy can get you where you want to be…..trumpet wise!